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Our famous Cheesecake recipe

Our famous Cheesecake recipe

For years now Katerinas Cheesecake recipe has been famous amongst our guests. It is actually that notorious that Katerina decided to adopt 7 male admirers of her cheesecake. She gave them her nickname "My cheesecake boys".
This group of young men, with a slight 'nerdous' character, have now been coming to Odyssey for the past 10 years, and yes they keep coming back for the cheesecake every year. And believe it or not, we have had our first cheesecake wedding within their group with hopefully more weddings in the making!

For everyone that knows and loves our cheesecake, they also know very well that until now we have kept the recipe top secret! However we have now decided to post this blog about our Cheesecake to let you know...........that the recipe.... wil remain top secret,

sorry ;-)

That should not refrain you at all though from coming you to our bistro any time and taste it yourselves!

Love katerina

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