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A Little Christmas Story

A Little Christmas Story

'Twas the night before Christmas...

...and it had snowed so hard you had to get your snow boots on to go anywhere...

Reindeers danced through the forests, excited about the upcoming Christmas...

...Of course Santa was very busy flying all over the world to deliver his gifts on time...

Sometimes Santa wished he could take a very speedy train!

When Santa arrived at the house of Katerina Sakelliou on Poros island, he put some beautiful new cooking gear under her Christmas tree as she had been a very good girl. He was delighted by the Christmas cookies that Katerina left for him next to the fireplace; they were sprinkled with rosemary sugar, had the most wonderful flavour, and sparkled like fresh snow.

Santa on Instagram

Santa loved Greek food and started browsing through “Katerina’s Kouzina” to find the recipe of these wonderful cookies, after he had put some in his pockets for his reindeers. He went to his Instagram account “Santa Baby”, posted a picture of Katerina’s cookies and asked his millions of followers to send him a letter with a very special Christmas wish; He wanted to know what (Christmas) recipe they would like to see published on Katerina’s Kouzina, so Katerina could make it for Santa during his visit next year. Such a smart Santa!

Santa steals feta

Santa almost left through the chimney, when he decided to walk back to Katerina’s kitchen. His eyes widened when he opened the fridge; on a plate he saw the biggest piece of feta he had ever seen. “HOHOHO!” He exclaimed, knowing very well he could count on finding feta in Katerina’s fridge, as every Greek household has it. Santa quickly looked around, took a big part of the feta and quietly sneaked out of the house as he mumbled: “You have got to love the Greeks”. Santa could not wait to return to Katerina’s house next year.

On Christmas morning, Katerina was delighted by Santa’s visit and that he ate all her cookies. When she walked out into the fresh snow she started smiling; Santa had lost one of his gloves, that he clearly bought in Greece, on the night before Christmas. Katerina picked it up from the ground to keep it safely until next Christmas, walked back to her kitchen and hoped to finally meet Santa next year, invite him for a glass of ouzo and some Greek dancing! But wait..., she thought, what happened to my feta?!?

Which recipe do you like to see on Katerina’s Kouzina?

If you feel sending mail to Santa at the North Pole will take too long to be delivered, please let Katerina know which recipe you would love to see on Katerina’s Kouzina by commenting on this blog or on social media! She will pick one or more and start cooking!

Christmas cookies with sugared rosemary

And the recipe for the Christmas cookies with rosemary sugar… Santa will be pleased to know it will be published on Katerina’s next Christmas blog! He and Mrs. Claus can start baking soon!

Photography: Annette Spaan

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Konstantina - 2021/12/15 at 15:34

Katerina, I thoroughly enjoyed your Santa Christmas story, delightful, exciting and so very enjoyable!!! Cannot wait to try your Santa rosemary cookies, sound mouth-watering delicious... as for the feta... Santa has good taste!! May you have a blessed Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year filled with peace, love and good health. Much love to you and your delicious recipes❣❣

Pamela Allegretto - 2021/12/15 at 19:54

I love your story. I look forward to the rosemary cookie recipe. Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

Erin Dertner - 2021/12/17 at 22:49

So fun and heartwarming to be distracted by your whimsical story and photos.
Love you!

Erin Dertner - 2021/12/17 at 22:50

So fun and heartwarming to be distracted by your whimsical story and photos.
Love you!

Alison Hampson - 2021/12/19 at 11:01

..Happy christmas and a goodbnew year.
Thank you for all the lovely recipes.

Charles Kridiotis - 2021/12/21 at 06:21

Merry Christmas to you Katerina, have a wonderful time with family... eating cookies with rosemary sugar.
Sounds tasty (I need the recipe as I only made melomakarona).
Christmas wishes, Charles Kridiotis

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