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Odyssey in times of Corona part 2

Odyssey in times of Corona part 2

Right now the summer season of 2020 is ending. A summer that I have never experienced before and hopefully will never experience again. Basically nothing went as planned, or expected, at the beginning of the year. I would like to share what happened; how Corona has affected the Odyssey and why it has been more quiet than usual on Katerina’s Kouzina.

Reopening Odyssey

Most of our guests and friends who had planned their holidays with us this year had to cancel their booking because they were not able to come. For a while in May we thought that both Odyssey apartments and our glamping should not open this year. Eventually we did not want to give up that easily and decided to make the best of it and opened at the end of June. We received several friends and guests, for instance from Athens, who gradually started coming to Poros. First in the weekends of June, later in July and the beginning of August. At that time, all Covid-measures were relatively mild for all of Greece as our daily cases were extremely low.

An empty Poros

Unfortunately, that changed; at a certain point in August there was a high prevalence of Corona cases on Poros and the island got higher restriction measures. This situation got a lot of exposure in the Greek and foreign media, only they reported that Poros had a full lockdown that we did not have at all. The result was that all of our guests left from one day to the other and the guests who had booked for the remaining time in August all cancelled. It was unreal to see Poros without any visitors and tourists in the middle of August. Unreal to close Odyssey for the first time in 25 years in the busiest Summer month. All this, while we were supposed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Odyssey in 2020.

Corona was not our only concern. Some of our family members had health problems and my father passed away in September. He was not well over the past few years, but he reached 88 years of age. We miss him; his love, presence, advice and humour every day.

Photo: Annette Spaan

A new year coming up

So far 2020 has not been very kind to us and to the world, but life goes on and we hope that 2021 will be much better; A year of fun, lots of cooking and happy evenings with music and joy. We are looking forward to (hopefully) see you then! We want to thank everybody for their support; also the people who moved their bookings for 2020 to 2021 and did not ask for a refund. At the same time of course understanding those who did ask.

New recipes and stories!

The Odyssey has been quiet and so has Katerina’s Kouzina, but more cooking fun, new recipes and stories about Poros are coming up! We will start making our beloved Christmas recipes soon. I am very excited to start blogging again! Next week I will publish my recipe for Sea bass with zucchini and olives. Don’t miss it!

Photos: George Gkionis

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Ann Cochius - 2020/10/03 at 09:41

We missed you all this year but will see you in 2021, much love 💗

Sherry Kelaidis - 2020/10/03 at 10:24

I have missed all of you so much more than words can express. Reading your blog today brought a huge lump to my throat…and tears to my eyes. Besides missing you, I was greatly concerned for all of you…health wise and economically. But I know the character of the Odyssey Family…..and I know you will have made the best out of this truly rotten situation. So sorry for the loss of your father. It is never easy to loose a parent. Love, Sherry and Vasili

Ingrid - 2020/10/03 at 11:40

Beautifully written Katerina. It has been the strangest of years that has placed most under immense financial strain and social isolation. It is a blessing to have the friends I’ve made through you. We’ve been chatting and offering support to each other continuously. We will be back in 2021 – you may be full, and if so, we won’t be far away. I’ve missed your lovely family and Poros a lot this year. Hold those close to you closer and remember that the pandemic can’t break the ties that bond us all together. Love you all.

Marjory McGinn - 2020/10/03 at 13:05

I still have lovely memories of my stay there in 2017. I do hope next year will be better for all our sakes. Stay well Katerina. Να είστε πάντα καλά χχ Marjory. (UK) xx

Jim Applewhite - 2020/10/03 at 13:52

Katerina, we’ve been thinking about you, your family and staff, wondering how you have gotten through this year. Sorry to hear it has been a tough year, but better times are coming…very good news from pharmaceutical companies I follow on vaccines, so hopefully we will get those soon.

julie davidson - 2020/10/03 at 14:03

Can’t wait to be back with you for another visit. Love Odyssey and Poros!

Peggy Kinsella - 2020/10/03 at 14:33

I am praying for a better 2021 for you, Pöros, and the entire Odyssey Family.
I hope to see you in 2021. Stay well and healthy.
Peggy and Jimmy

Sheila Herring - 2020/10/03 at 15:09

My trip to The Odyssey and Poros in 2015 was one of the best in my life! I can’t wait to return! Wishing you all the best and sending my love!

Daren - 2020/10/03 at 17:34

Kristin and I (and others) will more than happy to celebrate Odyssey’s 25 and 26th anniversary in Sept 2021, with you! Keep the wine chilled, and the skies sunny.

Helen Farrar - 2020/10/03 at 19:45

Dearest Katerina, It made me sad to hear of all you have been through. The picture of your father is lovely. I am so sorry you lost him. I hear your usual optimism, and am not surprised at the support you have received. You, Odyssey, and Poros have provided such gracious hospitality and friendship to so many people, us definitely included!!! We intent to come back, and are pulling for all there to be safe and well and prosperous. Sending love and wishes for healing hearts, Helen & Ken

Vicky Rogers - 2020/10/04 at 11:59

Dear Katerina, I was so sorry to hear of your father’s death.
I do so hope you will have a good recovery from the awful virus next year. It must have been such a worrying time for you.
I had a wonderful week with you and remember it fondly. I have photos around my home reminding me of the time I spent with such lovely people in such a beautiful place.
Stay safe and well

Katerina - 2020/10/13 at 05:39

Hi Vicky , aren’t we just lucky that we could have such a nice week and such fan! Thank your coming and sharing your time with us. Lets hope that all that will pass by sooner than later and our lives will be “normal ” again. Stay safe.

David and Karen - 2020/10/04 at 13:57


We have read both your blogs of 2020, it is still hard to believe what happened this year. It is one of our most joyous memories sitting in your home with Rik eating great food. The kindness you showed us, not to mention the fun of watching you make the pasta.

We will be back to see you, we would like to think of ourselves as part of the Odyssey extended family. Karen’s niece will be in Poros in the next two weeks as she is exploring Greece and we told her of our love of the place.

We miss Poros and Odyssey so much and so wanted to get back to you but even to this day you can’t drive from Turkey to Greece.

We will be back in 2021 as it is one of the few places we have been that we could possibly call home. We miss you all love to you Rik, Dora, Stella and all at Odyssey.

Katerina - 2020/10/13 at 05:30

Dear David and Karen

If I had a small window looking at the future I would never have left you travel East in March. You would have stayed here with your “house” in our land and we would be doing wine tastings. Unfortunately those windows do not exist and we missed you. Hopefully we will see each other some time in the near future.
love from Poros

Lina Minicucci - 2020/10/04 at 14:00

Katerina mou,
It has indeed by a year like no other and it is so sad to hear all that you your family and Odyssey has been through. A true metaphor for the name Odyssey!
Knowing your endless energy and love of what you do so well, confirms that you will be back stronger and your beautiful smiling face will shine for all who love and cherish you and your beautiful family and staff😍
Cannot wait to join you once more.

Katerina - 2020/10/11 at 20:36

Lina mou.
we have missed all our friends this summer. I think that is the worst of it all. I hope that 2021 will have mercy for humanity. A few more months (very important months)

Jan - 2020/10/04 at 17:47

I have not attended your lovely accommodations or classes yet but I am very sorry to hear of your father’s passing. I look forward to meeting you soon. Take care for now.

Katerina - 2020/10/11 at 20:25

Jan thank you very much. Very kind of you. We miss my father everyday.

Margie - 2020/10/05 at 17:21

Our love and prayers go out to you. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I remember our gorgeous evening at your beautiful place… the fun, laughter , fabulous company and heavenly food. Dear Pamela brought us to your place.
We look forward to seeing you again on that wonderful Island of Poros next year.
Until then our live and prayers

Katerina - 2020/10/11 at 20:21

Dearest Margie
thank you very much. I remember you with Pamela at Odyssey, such a great time. Hopefully will be able to see you in 2021.

Lori Ayre - 2020/10/06 at 15:17

I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your father, Katerina. So much loss in 2020. I hope 2021 is much better for you, Poros, and the world!

Katerina - 2020/10/11 at 20:16

Hi Lori thank you very much. We can’t wait for 2021. Unfortunately 2 and 1/2 months (very important) are in frond of us. Crucial months!!! take care , sending you our love

Alicia Fisher - 2020/10/06 at 20:54

Katerina mou,
So very sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I see his smile in yours. I wish 2021 will be much better for you and all of us. I have missed your beautiful posts.
Take care,

Katerina - 2020/10/11 at 20:08

Hi Alicia , thank you very much , very kind . More blogs are coming soon.

Jo Davies - 2021/02/19 at 12:11

Dear Katerina Rik Dora and Vangelis. I am so sorry to hear of your Father passing away. Such a year of loss. I am so glad we seized the opportunity to visit poros in the small window in September, after a terrible year it has given us the strength and resilience to face the awful events over the winder in the UK. We have now received our vaccines and are making plans for Alex and Julia’s wedding in August and a return to Poros and Odyssey x

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