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Katerina’s Kouzina at home; prints and printed products

Katerina’s Kouzina at home; prints and printed products

Greece has been out of reach for many people this year, as it has been for me. I am Annette Spaan, the stylist and food photographer of Katerina’s Kouzina. I don’t know about you, but my mind quite often wanders off to Greece’s turquoise-blue waters, eating a Greek salad at a seaside taverna and strolling through white washed villages. I can’t tell you how much I miss it. With the wish to “Greek-up” my own house and that of others, I have opened an online shop on Etsy called Seen by Annette, where I sell my travel and food photography, like that of Katerina’s Kouzina.

In the shop I sell digital images, often as sets, that you can print for wall art, greeting cards, printed products or use online. Here follows a small selection!

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If you want to follow me and the updates about my webshop you can do so on Instagram @AnnetteSpaan. You can also subscribe to my newsletter on my website www.annettespaan.com. Next to notifications about discount promotions, you will see photography tips, culinary recommendations and blogs about my experience as a travel writer (like travel stories and my favourite hotels, shops and more).

Me and Greece

I would like to tell you something about my connection and love for Greece. Ten years ago, at 33, I decided to travel the world by myself for an extended period of time. After 8 months on the road I returned to Europe to finish my trip in Greece. Call me crazy, but travelling the globe even on the most amazing beaches of Australia, I kept thinking: Fantastic, but it’s not a Greek beach. So, I needed a Greek beach. I spend a month on the Cycladic island of Paros. Saturated with travelling I did not want to move an inch; the daily ritual of swimming, eating, walking and reading books just did not tire.

Me on Paros

I got hooked, hooked on Greece. Looking back, it’s ironic to me that the country I finished my trip around the world was the country where I would start a new chapter of my life a few years later. A life in which Greece, the Greek culture and Greek food would play a central role. Since then I have visited 31 Greek islands and lived for a few months in Athens and Poros island. I wrote several travel articles about Greece and have a mission to at least visit all the Cycladic islands (almost there).

Love for the Greek cuisine

This new chapter of my life started with me meeting Katerina 3 years after my trip to Paros. Nothing brought me as close to the Greek culture as she did. Katerina invited me to the Odyssey to write an article about her cooking and Poros island for a Dutch Magazine. I fell in love with Poros and the Odyssey, and Katerina and I became friends.

We decided to work together on an exciting new project: Katerina’s Kouzina. To set it all up I moved into the Odyssey for a few months. There I felt part of life on the island and saw the Greek culture from the inside, going everywhere with Katerina; From her parents to the name-day party of one of her close friends. Her fantastic cooking and developing Katerina’s Kouzina got me hooked on something else too: The Greek cuisine. You see, I really LOVE good food.

Back to Greece

2020 has been a sad year for the entire planet and the trouble is far from over. I do hope so much it will be possible next year for things to turn around. The most important thing is to return to a Covid19-free world and for people to be healthy and safe. I also hope it will be possible to travel safely again. To return to Greece. Nothing beats the real thing.

Katerina and I hope you enjoy our chosen selection of images and the ‘touch of Greece’ it can add to your life at home!!

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Pamela Rogers - 2020/11/16 at 08:10

Great work, you two!!

Annette - 2020/11/16 at 10:43

Thank you dear Pamela!!

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